Here is what other women are saying
about their "Shine Time"...  

"The Shine Retreat has left a lasting impression on my heart. It has been a wonderful and inspiring weekend retreat, and I loved meeting all of the diverse, kind and fun women from all over the country! I can't wait for the next Shine Retreat!"
~ Dahuit W. 2017 Shine Attendee

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"To be honest, I'm not really a "retreat" kind of gal, but I am so glad I decided to take a risk and attended the Shine Retreat.

WOW! What an amazing experience hosted by two incredible and kind women, Mari & Anna.

I felt so accepted and included in the group activities and workshops, but also enjoyed having some relaxing "me" time as well. 

I left the weekend with a sense of renewal and focus on my life and dreams.  I look forward to the next Shine Retreat and will be sharing with other women I care about!"

~ Mary N., 2017 Shine Attendee



"Mari & Anna, I can't thank you enough for your time, care and attention. Your love and intent for the Shine Retreat weekend and the women attending was evident every step of the retreat. You rock and I will be back!
~ Chemene H., 2017 Shine Attendee


"Shine is a very special and relaxing retreat for women! It was so nice to learn how to release stress and take time to bring in good energy."
~ Rachel G. Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee


"So much thought and care was put in to the whole weekend retreat by Mari & Anna. I truly appreciated my time at the Shine Retreat, and would have even stayed for another day of workshops and fun!"
~ Rebecca S., Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee



"The Shine Retreat for women was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience!"
~ Lauren H., 2017 Shine Attendee


"We had a wonderful weekend at the Shine Retreat.  The location is amazing and the morning yoga classes were a great way to start each day!"
~ Jennifer B. 2017 Shine Attendee


"The Shine Retreat was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other amazing women and settle into being with myself again.  I loved the entire retreat weekend and highly recommend this experience!"
~ Traci L. Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee


"The Shine Retreat is so safe and welcoming and the comforting space Mari & Anna created allowed me to do some healing while connecting with other like-minded women."
~ Michelle F., Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee


"Shine was such a lovely and restorative weekend! Thank you for all of the thought and love you put into every aspect of the retreat; I am leaving much more refreshed than when I arrived!"
~ Holly D., Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee

"The Shine Retreat was a wonderful and amazing weekend retreat!"
~ Corie V. , Shine Retreat 2017 Attendee


Meet Your Hosts:



We are Anna Osborn (in the green) and Mari A. Lee (in the blue), and we are so glad you are here! We are both busy working women and clinical therapists who know what it is like to juggle career, family, and the every day stressors that women face.

Supporting women is what inspired us to create "The Shine Women's Retreat" - for women like us and like you who need a chance to retreat, fill their cup, have fun, focus on self care for a weekend, connect with other kind and supportive women, and relax, rejuvenate and refresh in a beautiful and comfortable zero stress setting. 

Ladies, if you have been needing a little break to put yourself on the top of your "to do" list for a change, to add some nurturing in your routine, we invite you to join us and the other wonderful women who attend Shine for a warm and welcoming weekend of self care in lovely Laguna Beach in the fall of 2019.

Let's put our toes in the sand, and get inspired again! 

Mari & Anna 

We would love to have you join us for the